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Meeting Oana was one of the unexpected seeds planted during the first Arts and Climate Action Circle. Just a couple of minutes of conversation was like opening a box of chocolates - full of forms, tastes and ideas 🍫. Can you show me one photo of what you do, Oana? - this was a breakthrough moment for us. We hopped on the same bus.

A few funny weeks of background thinking, making sketches and joking on e-mails resulted in a concept with a mission, which contained one intriguing question: how will people receive it? 🤔

The Big Day has come. We would like to invite you to take an unobvious look at reality, decomposing it into smaller parts. The challenge is to stop for a moment in your everyday life, notice where your feet lead you and what your hands do.

Summer with #microart will feature 6 different objects or raw materials that we use every day. Oana's artistic mission was to depict them in a new, surprising context to draw your attention to the extracted material. By doing so, we intended to create an opportunity to raise awareness about its impact on the environment and its place in the circular economy♻️.

If our perspective inspires you to create, extract material or an object worth reminding us all about, create a #microstory🤏 around it, and send it via email. We would be delighted if you get involved with us. The stage of our art blog and social media is yours!

Decomposing reality has never been as meaningful and entertaining as it is now when having #microart around us. The first #microartwork is coming tomorrow. Stay tuned!🔥


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