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How can we capture the essence of complex systems if it isn’t through art?

Marten Scheffer

Artists and scientists relate to nature in complementary ways. Perhaps a combination of these ways can support reflection on the relationships between humans and other species and stimulate new ways to reconnect with the biosphere? This is the central question of a new catalogue Art + Science Chile 2023 which is the product of collaborations between scientists, between artists, and between artists and scientists.

Travellers, accomplices, naturalists, friends for many years, together, from far or near in Europe or America, we witnessed our battles to remain and expand the limits of science and art. (...) In collaboration, there is potential to connect. As a group of international artists and scientists practicing in diverse areas, perhaps we are able to explore blind spots in our methodologies, find solutions together and explore reconnecting with our environment. In a society so obsessed with consumerism our problems are perhaps reflected in our ease with consumption. Such an ease with consumption deprives us of emotional challenge, keeping us always a step away from the realities of our earth.

See Art + Science Chile 2023 publication here.

Photo: The Golden Stone, Roel Teeiwen, Isabel H Langtry

Republished from Stockholm Resilience Centre


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