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- Have you noticed that we are literally surrounded by cardboard?!

- Beg your pardon?

- Yes, plenty of boxes from online shopping, all sorts of everyday packaging of cheese, frozen pizza, medicines, toilette paper and kitchen towels inner rolls, shoes, soaps, creams, washing powder…

All of that to Nicu’s delight! My cat never misses a chance to jump in a box, hide and scratch every piece of cardboard he sees. If there was a heaven for indoor cats, it would be a never-ending labyrinth of cardboard boxes of all sizes and heights. For his entertainment, I always store cardboard before getting rid of it for recycling. It gave me the space to take a closer look at the texture, shape and colour of some pieces. This is how I started cutting out letters, words, faces, and glossy images. It slowly transformed into playtime for me and Nicu. Play upon cardboard, words, and images combined with other materials, giving my thoughts and awareness a shape.

Beg your pardon?

Material: cardboard, magazine stripes, glue, pieces of wood

Size: 0.0155m x 0.0104m

Did you know that... 💡

An average of 70% to 90% of the existing cardboard is the result of recycled cardboard. Recycling requires 90% less water and 50% less electricity needed for production*. It means that when we recycle cardboard we actively participate in the process of recreating the same material, saving important resources like energy and water.

Take-away 📚

When cardboard is trashed at the landfill instead of recycled, it usually breaks down and releases potent greenhouse gas known as “methane.” A quantity of methane (CH₄) contributes 20 times more to global warming than the same quantity of CO₂ We could be a small but important part in avoiding this to happen by simply selecting and correctly recycling cardboard to protect nature. It is estimated that when 1 tonne of cardboard paper is recycled, about 12 to 31 trees are saved.* Why not macroact?

Related topics to reflect on 🤔

  • Waxed cardboard? Scratch to identify, cannot be recycled

  • Greasy pizza box? Take time to cut out the dirty parts of the box before recycling

  • Furniture made of cardboard? Yes, it’s a fact!

  • Companies receiving back the box they deliver products in?

  • Cardboard used as mulch (protection for nutrients storage and against extreme temperatures)*

  • Paper items good for composting **


Material: cardboard, slide film frames

Size: 0.0146m x 0.0155m

Doors of Perception

Material: cardboard, magazine stripes, river stones, tree branches

Size: 0.0144m x 0.0064m

Milky Way

Material: cardboard, magazine stripes, river stones, tree branch

Size: 0.0153m x 0.0076m

Inspired? 🤏 ♻️

Can't wait to #microart with us? Extract material or an object worth reminding us all about, create a #microstory around it, and send it via email. The stage of our art blog and social media is yours!

Nicu in Cat's Heaven It's just 20 sec, watch the full video;)



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