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Once upon a time... 🔥

I found Nicu the cat in the streets of Bucharest 8 years ago. He was so tiny, dirty and weak that I took him home. I washed him and fed him. He was eating like a wolf and, to my surprise, he was not reacting react to any sound or call, not even to the click of the food can – a click that pets usually react to with uncontrollable joy. The vet confirmed that Nicu had a hearing disorder and that made him even more special. He quickly became part of the family and adapted to his new home. This is how in a couple of days the cat food started showing up on our regular shopping list while aluminium cans became part of our household waste.

The colour and flexibility of aluminium sparked my creativity and inspired me one day to play with it. This is how Infinitely Recyclable Lady was born, to become in the nearest future the first piece of #microart, training the muscle of our environmental awareness.

Infinitely Recyclable Lady

Material: aluminium cat food can, glue, stone, dried flower

Size: 0.0348m x 0.0239m x 0.0154m

Did you know that... 💡

Aluminium is one of the most recycled and recyclable materials in use today, recycled over and over again in a true "closed-loop" recycling process. A recycled aluminium beverage can, car door or window frame is often recycled directly back into itself. And this process can happen virtually infinitely. To compare, glass and plastic are typically "down-cycled" into products like carpet fibre or landfill liner.*

Take-away 📚

Making recycled aluminium only takes around 5% of the energy needed to make new aluminium — reducing carbon emissions and saving money for businesses and end consumers. As a result, nearly 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today.* You can actively contribute to that score, remembering to separate each food or drink aluminium packaging from other materials in your household waste and placing it in the proper recycle trash container.

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Mr. Out-of-date

Material: aluminium cat food can, cardboard, magazine stripes

Size: 0.0115m x 0.0120m

Happy When Hungry

Material: aluminium cat food can, cardboard, aluminium bottle caps

Size: 0.0120m x 0.0090m

Inspired? 🤏 ♻️

Can't wait to #microart with us? Extract material or an object worth reminding us all about, create a #microstory around it, and send it via email. The stage of our art blog and social media is yours!

Nicu The Wolf



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