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TITLE: TREESON: An Eco-Musical

AUTHOR: G. Victoria Campbell

SDG: 15 Life on Land


RELEASE DATE:  15 January, 2021

ORIGIN: Switzerland, USA



TREESON is a musical theatre project aimed at inspiring others to act now. It was conceived during the Covid-19 pandemic when the creator realized that due to reduced human activity during lockdown, we as a global community do, in fact, have the power to reverse climate change. Rather than despair, we must continue to hope. But TREESON is more than a climate change story; it is about tuning into one's calling and seeking one's purpose. Songs from TREESON have been performed in NYC, off West End and virtual stages. Music from the Original Cast Recording can be downloaded or streamed on all digital platforms. But this is just the beginning.


The end goal is to see TREESON: An Eco-Musical on Broadway one day, on the biggest musical platform in the world, to tell this very important story. The story unfolds via a soaring soundtrack blending indigenous, Western and folk music, resulting in an Americana tale which demonstrates how we each have the power to act to save the world. The question is… Will you play your part before it’s too late? 


My mission is to uplift and empower marginalized communities by inspiring humanity toward collectivistic ways of thinking and acting. Whether it’s designing, delivering and leading DEI or flex/remote work programs I've built from the ground-up, or creating art that moves folks emotionally enough to change their behavior, it’s simple: I'm here to inspire people to play their part to achieve a more inclusive, equitable society.


Writer, Composer, Lyricist