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STORIES FOR CHANGE and ART NOW! are looking for 5 versatile dancers with a strong background in contemporary dance and a performer spirit for the business conference show. The choreography under the artistic direction of Bheki Ndlovu will include the elements of improvisation and engagement with the audience.

Audition: 07.10.2022, 14:00h-17:00h

Tanzschule ZOOM

Elisabethenstrasse 14A, 8004 Zürich


The dance show is aimed at professionals from various sustainable business industries that operate responsibly towards the climate and the environment. We will use the power of movement and interaction in the performance to unleash new energy in business, strengthen human bonds and the power of collaboration. The project is paid. Date and place of the show: 26.10.2022, Zürich.

To confirm your participation in the audition, please send us your brief description and 1-2 videos:

We can't wait to meet you.

See you soon!👋


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