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TITLE: Human Zoo

AUTHOR: Lonely Sinners

SDG: 16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions


RELEASE DATE:  August 13, 2021




The album "Human Zoo" by the band Lonely Sinners shows humans as beings caught in a machine of abuse and cruelty driven by their own weaknesses. The starting point for the material was a speech given by Yeonmi Park at the One Young World Summit congress in Dublin in 2014, relating her escape from North Korea. A fragment of the thirteen-year-old girl's speech was incorporated into one of the songs on the band's album.

The decadent feel of the lyrics in "Human Zoo", which were written by Nika, is accompanied by downtempo music with elements of trip-hop; turning here and there down an industrial path. In order to maintain balance, the album contains a few tracks on less serious topics, although they also contain a touch of melancholy and a sense of lost hope. The creators of "Human Zoo" recorded the material contrary to mainstream requirements since they do not adhere to stereotypes in art. Their pieces are about five to six-minute-long stories with a return to a style of music that is listened to but not massively consumed.

Nika - Vocal, Lyrics, Composing

Seb - Composing, Programming, Synthesizers, Guitar, Musical Arrangement, Production

Sebastian Kucharski - Bass Guitar