If conceived and performed well, art can bring an immediate effect. If they say that we have already run out of time, what are we still waiting for?


Welcome to ART NOW!, a global community of artists and scientists, dedicating their work to sustaining and regenerating life on Earth. Empowered by the framework of Sustainable Development Goals, it is created to:

  • spot, promote and arouse global interest in cultural activities, calling for social change and environmental protection,

  • select sustainability topics and translate them into inspiration for film makers, music composers, book writers, choreographers and other artists,

  • build a community of experts, supporting artists in implementing sustainability topics in their works of art.


        I always felt I was born to create, till the moment it became so obvious that it was just the background of where my real calling was.

​While building the community of ART NOW!, I choose to promote sustainability activism through culture, deeply believing that the most important shift in global society is about to happen now!



Founder, Changemaker

Art Director, Creative Producer

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        I believe in the power of the arts to transform lives, empower people and bring positive impact.

Passionate about social initiatives, I support projects in which the underprivileged become part of the solution. Creativity and art combined together, inspire communities, unleash talents and create opportunities. If not doing it now, then when?




Social Impact Project Manager

Cinema Devotee