SDG: 12 Responsible Consumption and Production

TITLE: 2022 Planner, Edition Julie Joliat



ORIGIN: Switzerland

AUTHOR: Julie Joliat

DESCRIPTION: The planner is unique because every edition revolves around a different content. Certain aspects of the book like the size and the basic layout remain similar from one year to the next, but the the way to approach the topic, typeface, design, and colors vary, so every edition has a new, fresh feel. Since 2019, every edition is focusing on sustainably, disclosing facts and advice on how to slow down and consume more responsibly. It is also produced in such a way.

So much more than just an appointment book, this planner is a cross between a calendar, a diary, a notebook, and a book. It comes with an underlying message that encourages people to think and/or challenge themselves. It's the perfect medium for this purpose, as the user can carry it throughout the year and access it at any spare moment. Each planner's title is created in such a way that it can become a particular year's motto, and the user is invited to create a personal story within the story told by the planner. This makes each edition unique so it becomes a collector's item and later, a record of your past.

The planner is typically printed on smooth paper and bound with cold-glued sections that allow it to lie flat when open. It includes blank pages for making personal notes and offers a variety of useful, meticulously designed information, including an exclusive set of world maps, conversion tables, lists of holidays, monthly planners, a culinary calendar with a list of seasonable fruits and vegetables, celestial events, cooking tips, and observation charts.

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